Get close to the water – all year round

Have you ever felt the endorphins kick in after a cold bath? In Kinda there are over 400 possibilities to test, thanks to all the lakes. If you dare to soak up the thrilling experience of nature at water level this fall, you will get really close to the wonderful power of Kinda's water – all year round.

The natural environment in Sjöriket Kinda can provide a moment of presence and mental recovery. Here you can walk and unwind with each step, and several of the bathing spots are suitable stops along the hiking trails.

The bathing temperature can feel discouraging to those who have not tried an winter dip yet. If you dare to try it, the strong experience is something other than a summer bath. Breathe deeply and calmly and take in the moment when you take a cold bath, we promise – you won't get any closer to Sjöriket Kinda.

If after all we haven't convinced you to swim cold, Kindabygden offers more chances to experience nature close to the water: go skiing or why not buy a fishing license and test your fishing luck!

Sjö i Kinda, tidig vår.