Step into the history of emigration

In Kisa there is an ordinary red old house with a very special history. Here you can take part in a special era when the Swedes dreamed of a new life - on the other side of the Atlantic.

A perfect place for a stop on your journey is one of Kisa's oldest culture houses, with foundations from the 18th century. On the upper level you can visit the Kisa Emigrant Museum. The house was a pharmacy back in 1845 and the pharmacist Sundius was the one who started the emigration agency here. It was from Kisa that the first large group of emigrants began their long journey from Sweden to the USA.

At the museum, you meet people's dreams, courage and destiny. Here there is an exhibition about the early emigration from Kinda to North America with sound, music and visual experiences.

In the same building as the Kisa Emigrant Museum is the historic Café Columbia, which Dorothea Florén opened as early as 1921 when she returned to Sweden from America.

Even today coffee, food and culture are still served here.

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