There´s something about Kinda that attracte artists, craftmen, writers and other creative people. All year around you´ll find exhibitions, markets, handicraft and various creative events. You also find small farmshops with local produced products and factory outlets, salt cucumbers and furniture.

Kinda inspires creativity andfor the people interested in art and culture, Kinda can take you on exciting excursions to carpentry, pottery, art galleries, book publishers, shops with local crafts and much more.

The food culture is also strong in Kinda, which is clearly evident through the collaboration KindaMat. Here, the many farm shops along the roads attract the food enthusiast with irresistible delicacies in various forms. You can create your own excursion day or go on our food safari - starter, main course and dessert in different places..

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Brochure Order

Welcome to Kinda!

Are you going to visit, want some information about the sights and sounds, or if you're just curious?

We have a collection of maps and brochures that can be ordered and sent...

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The country store in Svalsjö with Per´s mechanical cabinet

Here in an old, well preserved rural grocery store, Per and Anna Heldorff exhibit intruiging woodcrafts, paintings and art. In Per's mechanic cabinett, moving scenery and images hide inside wooden ... Read more >>

Address: Affären i Svalsjö 590 39 KISA
E-mail: info@helldorff.se
Website: www.helldorff.se


Almlöfs Ateljé & Bokförlag

Art gallery and book retailer with selected works concerning art. Read more >>

Address: Hägerstad Prästgård 59046 Rimforsa
E-mail: info@almlofs.se
Website: www.almlofs.se/


Ateljé Lillan

Ateljé Lillan is an art studio. Ingegerd Holm paints in oil and watercolours. Read more >>

Address: Abborrgränd 3 590 43 Rimforsa
E-mail: ingegerd.holm@hotmail.com


Basunda Gård

Basunda Gård offers hunting for pigeon game, wild game and wild boar. The hunt is conducted in the form of watch-hunting, sneak-hunting, dog-hunting. It is possible to participate in the hunt for w... Read more >>

Address: Basunda Gård 590 46 RIMFORSA
E-mail: info@basunda.se
Website: www.basunda.se

Bjärkstugans Museum och Kuriosa

Nostalgia exhibition "Home and crafts" in the old mill. Weave exhibit 1960-80 century. Yard sales and food available. Read more >>

Address: Bjärkstugan, Ödesjöbodavägen 590 42 Horn


Found on the ground AB

Found on the ground is a small-scale berry press, specialising on Aronia. Read more >>

Address: Hallstad Hage 590 46 Rimforsa
E-mail: info@foundontheground.se
Website: www.foundontheground.se


Fresons Bakery & Garden

Farm shop with sale of seasonal plants and food. Read more >>

Address: Valla Södergård 1 590 46 Rimforsa
E-mail: info@fresons.se
Website: www.fresons.se


HargOdlarna Farm shop and marmeladerie

Farmshop, summercafé, ecologically. Read more >>

Address: HargOdlarna, Hargs Gård 590 39 Kisa
E-mail: info@hargodlarna.se
Website: www.hargodlarna.se

Horns Fågel & Vilt

Farmshop with game products. Read more >>