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Café Bagarboden

A homely little bakery in the heart of Rimforsa. Indoor seating for aprox. 30 people, outdoor terrace open when the weather permits. Read more >>

Address: Kalmarvägen 27 59043 Rimforsa


Café Sommarro

Summer café. Read more >>

Address: Sommarro
E-mail: info@kisafrikyrka.se
Website: www.kisafrikyrka.se


Centralcaféets Vänner

The Ideal Association Centralcaféts Vänner (Central café's Friends) run this old café in Kisa as a platform for people to meet and interact. Come to have a coffee or enjoy cultural events, music a... Read more >>

Address: Kullgatan 4 59037 Kisa
Website: www.centralcafetsvanner.se


HargOdlarna Farm shop and marmeladerie

Farmshop, summercafé, ecologically. Read more >>

Address: HargOdlarna, Hargs Gård 590 39 Kisa
E-mail: info@hargodlarna.se
Website: www.hargodlarna.se


Hornåbergs Camping SCR

Hornåbergs Camping is situated in the village of Horn by the river Stångån. Read more >>

Address: Hornåbergsgatan 10 590 42 Horn
E-mail: info@hornabergscamping.se
Website: www.hornabergscamping.se


Café Columbia and Kisa Emigrant Museum

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Kinda with a rich cultural heritage. Read more >>

Address: Storgatan 10 590 38 KISA
E-mail: info@cafecolumbia.se


Kisa Rural Centre

Kisa rural centre is located central in Kisa with a marwellous view of the lake Kisasjön, . Read more >>

Address: Enebygatan 29 B 590 38 Kisa
Website: www.kisahembygdsgard.se


Noras Café

Here in our garden, you can enjoy the farm's own cheesecake and kalvdans(local dessert) with cream and jam. Read more >>

Address: Valla Södergård 2 59046 Rimforsa


Pinnarp Camping

Camp site and chalets. Renovated sanitairy servicebuilding. Read more >>

Address: Pinnarp 590 39 KISA
E-mail: info@pinnarp.com
Website: www.pinnarp.com


Richts Konditori, café and confectioner's shop

A classic café in the centre of Kisa. Read more >>

Address: Tvärgatan 2 590 37 Kisa